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Nitro Pulsar Orange Golf Balls

Nitro Pulsar Orange Golf Balls

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Introducing Nitro's Pulsar Golf Balls in vibrant orange – a dozen of game-changing excellence!

Crafted for tour-level performance, these 3-piece golf balls feature a high-energy speed core paired with highly resistant polybutadiene rubber, delivering exceptional feel with every swing.

Enhanced with an HPF metal cover, these balls ensure an increase in initial ball speed while minimizing spin, courtesy of the titanium-fused hybrid ionomer.

With 352 large diameter dimples, expect a mid-trajectory and stable ball flights, giving you unmatched precision on the course.

At 90 compression, these balls offer the perfect balance of power and control. Elevate your game with Nitro's Pulsar Golf Balls – the ultimate choice for performance-driven golfers!

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